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Our Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback? What's that?

Our team utilizes this system to help support your brain’s natural ability to rewire itself. LENS neurofeedback is based on electrical brain activity and focuses on the brain’s ability to self-regulate. Results are often seen beginning with the first session and result in lasting change!

LENS neurofeedback does not require you to “do” anything. There is no need to make a conscious effort or pay attention to stimuli. Unlike with traditional therapy, there is nothing to learn and no “homework”. Instead, we capture your brainwave activity through sensors applied to the scalp or body. These sensors process the signal sent by our neurofeedback software and gather information about your brainwave frequencies. We then bring this information back to your brain through the sensors which results in a reduction and/or elimination of the symptoms that had been interfering with your quality of life. The sessions are brief and gentle – but the changes are LASTING!

Here are three main benefits of the LENS neurofeedback in comparison to traditional talk therapy:

It requires no conscious effort from you


Sessions are short, 15 mins set up and a few seconds to a minute for the procedure


Few sessions are necessary, on average, 12 sessions

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Over 85% of people who have used LENS neurofeedback have benefited significantly from it and reported many forms of success. These results have been seen quickly, often beginning within the first session. Plus … these changes LAST

Traditional Neurofeedback

  • Learning Model; your brain relearns how to better function
  • Sessions average 1 hour
  • Average of 3-4 times a week for 10-12 weeks

Traditional Talk Therapy

  • Active Model; you discuss your patterns and actively work to develop healthy coping mechanisms with the help of your therapist.
  • Sessions average 60 minutes.
  • Average of 1-2 times a week for an average of 10-12 weeks.

LENS Neurofeedback

  • Passive Model; interrupts negative patterns that your brain has adapted over time
  • Sessions average 15-25 mins with setup and the actual procedure is only seconds to minutes depending on your specific physiology
  • ONCE a week for an average of 12 weeks

LENS neurofeedback is a great option for many needs; including, anxiety, depression, attention deficits, behavior disorders, sleep disorders, headaches and migraines or emotional disturbances. LENS neurofeedback also works well with the symptoms of traumatic brain injuries – irregardless of how long ago the incident occurred. Post-traumatic brain injuries and post-concussion patients often struggle throughout their lives with an array of cognitive and behavioral issues that LENS is able to help “reboot.” LENS Neurofeedback is a great option for a wide variety of conditions, which may not have been resolved with traditional therapies. There are no miracle cures for our emotional or organic issues – but LENS neurofeedback has been shown to provide rapid improvement to many issues by rewiring how your brain reacts to stimuli.

Consistency is key to LENS neurofeedback – so we need you to be in a season of life where you are able and willing to attend weekly sessions for a while. We ask that you commit to 8 sessions to give your brain ample opportunity to integrate the new patterns that LENS therapy is working to implement for you.

LENS Neurofeedback is a great option for a wide variety of conditions, which may not have been resolved with traditional therapies. There are no miracle cures for our emotional or organic issues – but LENS Neurofeedback has been shown to provide rapid improvement to many issues by rewiring how our brain reacts to stimuli.

What happens if I have existing medical issues? Will LENS Neuorfeedback still be an effective treatment for me?

In most cases, the answer is YES! The only condition that requires some conversation prior to treatment is tinnitus. Tinnitus can improve or become worse through LENS Neurofeedback. You can schedule a free consultation with our office for more information on LENS Neurofeedback and tinnitus.

Your initial consultation is free. Once we determine that LENS Neurofeedback is right for you, we will set up an evaluation with Jillian and ask you to commit to 8 weeks of treatment. Once you have completed the treatment cycle, you will meet back with Jillian to problem solve what is left over and figure out what is next for you. Some clients need more neurofeedback and sometimes we recommend some EMDR, traditional talk therapy or coaching.

Lens FAQ

LENS(Low Energy Neurofeedback) machines read electrical signals from the body and reflect the same signal back to disrupt just the current process in your central nervous system. The analogy used by Ochs Labs (the creator of the LENS machine) is that LENS essentially holds a mirror up to your central nervous system, this disrupts the automatic reaction your central nervous system is having and starts the process of reorganization.

LENS begins with an initial evaluation that takes 50 minutes. After that, a typical lens session is only 15 to 25 minutes.

Every person is different. Many clients begin seeing improvements in the days after their first session, and they typically reach their goals in anywhere from 8 to 25 sessions.

LENS primarily targets disorders in the central nervous system. These could include symptoms of: anxiety and depression, OCD, traumatic brain injury, damage from concussions, PTSD, headaches and migraines, PMS, tinnitus and more.

No. When you are receiving your LENS application there will be no similarities to psychotherapy. The technician will ask general questions about your weekly results and adjust the machine accordingly. We like to think of each person’s healing as a layered system. We have found that LENS pairs well with other modalities such as: psychotherapy, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), chiropractic work, physical therapy, acupuncture, etc.

No. While most people should see positive results from LENS, there are certain exceptions. Our professional counselor who conducts our initial phone calls and intake sessions will be able to determine if LENS is a good fit for you at this time.

Our clients have reported positive changes as early as after the first session. We usually see changes by the 4th session. Everyone is different and depending on the person’s situation changes might occur later.

Traditional neurofeedback is a learning model. The idea is to retrain or re-teach your brain how to function more efficiently. Typically, you are sitting in front of a computer for 45 minutes to an hour while the screen darkens or brightens depending on your brain’s functioning. This needs to happen between 3 and 4 times a week over the course of a few months.

LENS neurofeedback is an interruptive model. The idea is to interrupt your central nervous system so that it can self-correct. As stated previously, this is typically a once or sometimes twice a week session lasting between 15 and 25 minutes

LENS applications are very gentle. Clients report an increased feeling of calm, lowered anxiety, and tingling. Also, clients often feel that there is some nebulous change that that cannot reliably describe.

8 years old is the youngest child we work with at our clinic. If you would like a referral for a younger child, please reach out to our office and we will connect you with other providers.

It is not. We are not paneled with any insurance companies and insurance does not cover neurofeedback typically.

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