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EMDR Treatment in Las Vegas Nevada

EMDR? What's that?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy helps in healing from stuck or otherwise distressing life experiences. In EMDR therapy, your therapist will help you to identify and think about the specific event that caused distress. We are able to trace back current challenges in your life to events that happened in the past and are keeping you stuck. While you think about this event, we will encourage “bi-lateral” ( back and forth) eye movements while using taps on each side of your body or by moving my a back and forth in front of your eyes.

Bi-lateral eye movements are the same eye movements that you experience while dreaming in REM sleep. This creates an environment for your brain to more quickly process thoughts, feelings, and memories. 

YES – that means we are quite literally TRICKING your brain into using the right and left hemispheres at the same time. 

Which is why EMDR can be more effective than talk therapy in certain circumstances.


 It allows your brain to resume it’s natural healing process while working through the unprocessed events. It is also the reason that EMDR does not require you to verbally talk through any troubling memory or image, process between sessions, or take home any “homework.” Rather than verbally processing, we focus on changing the emotions, thoughts, or body sensations related to the distressing issue or memory – allowing your mind to heal from the incident.

After completing EMDR therapy, you will still be able to remember the painful event. However, it should be significantly less upsetting, if at all. You can expect to have little to no stress when images, sounds, thoughts or feelings related to the event are recalled.


EMDR Therapy in Las Vegas IWCNV

EMDR  often helps people overcome things that traditional therapy alone  struggled to treat…

We would love to help you utilize EMDR therapy to heal from trauma or other distressing life experiences

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