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Everyday you are working hard to meet your goals, slay your dragons and overcome your unintentional thought patterns to not only survive… but THRIVE!

But is your brain working FOR you or AGAINST you?

“Any man could, if he were so inclined, be the sculptor of his own brain.”
--Norman Doidge

Understanding how our brain and nervous system works both for and against our healing has become my obsession! I see amazing clients struggling and TRYING so hard only to find that their nervous system is fighting them and stalling their growth. They have beautiful hearts and intentions. They KNOW what to do – but they can’t get themselves to do it! They have tried traditional talk therapy and ended up feeling HEARD… but not HELPED.

If this sounds familiar – you may simply need a different technique. And we want you to know that is both normal and OKAY. Your nervous system may simply be fighting you and your progress!

In my fight for clients’ stories to not end in frustration and pain – I was driven to research, understand and begin neurofeedback sessions.

Here are three main benefits of neurofeedback in comparison to traditional talk therapy:


It requires no conscious effort from you


Intervene directly on the patterns your brain keeps repeating


Less sessions are needed, and they can be accelerated

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About Jillian

In my 10+ years of experience, I have found that traditional talk therapy and EMDR aren’t always enough to help everyone. That you can leave therapy and feel HEARD, but not HELPED. As I saw more clients that have had this experience, I sought out new approaches that worked best for people who needed more...

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Neurofeedback is, in my opinion, the most cutting edge technique to fast track your healing.

With some benefits being seen within the first 2-4 sessions and average journey being just weeks instead of months! This is a technique that does not require you to do anything other than commit to being available for sessions. Check out more details about how neurofeedback works here.

Imagine if your nervous system was working FOR you instead of AGAINST you!! Click here to schedule your free consultation and see if Neurofeedback is a good fit for you!
Jillian Wendelin